Legado Arte at The Salonny 2020

“The Legado Arte gallery is always looking for good designs and innovations in 20th and 21st centuries. For the Salon – The Intersection of Art + Design we showing the Itamaraty desk designed in 1960 by the most authorial Brazilian modern designer, the architect Sergio Rodrigues and this incredible work by Maximiliano Crovato who sought inspiration in nature and fashion to create a bench with unique identity. Max designed and produced the Centipede bench in his studio in 2019, mixing metallic colors with predominance of golden that is most evident in the feet that were made in polished brass inspired by Louboutin high heels and support the seat in 11 sections of leathers painted in silver and gold.” -Beth Santos

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“Juliana molded the clay with her hands as if she could control the life of things, changing the color of the material using the engobe technique to obtain a matte texture.” – Beth Santos

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